Already 7th volume of the international competition took place last weekend in Antony, France. Both men's and women's foil competitions were introduced counting together 302 competitors from several countries. 

Men's foil competition was dominated by SIMON Vincent who took out OG participant LE PECHEOUX Erwan in the final.  Third places went to another OG competitor ABOUELKASSEM Alaaeldin and SEBBAN Theo.

1. Simon Vincent

2. Le Pecheoux Erwan

3. Abouelkassem Alaaeldin

3. Seban Theo.

Women's foil, counting 100 competitors found a victor in GUYART Astrid that def. ULJAKY Virginie in the final. MPAH-NJANGA Jeromine and THIBUS Ysaora (all FRA) took bronze.

1. Guyart Astrid

2. Uljaky Virginie

3. Mpah-Njanga Jeromine

3. Thibus Ysaora



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