We've brought you a short coverage from epee ECC in Bratislava.

Coupe du Danube 2011


            So, Coupe du Danube, the biggest epée competition held in Slovakia is finally over. There is a big thank you to all the fencers from all across the Europe for taking a part at this competition of cadet men's and women's epée. I would like to congratulate all the victors and especially to Hungarian fencers (and coaches of course) as they were the most successful and took all first places. For two days was Bratislava again a fencing center as because every epéeist in cadet category had to show all his or her skills and perform the best to win this hard event against 135 other fencers in men's and 148 in women's epée, who wanted to win just as much as he or she did. Whole tournament was in a peaceful athmosphere, pretty well organized and situated traditionally in Hall "Elán", which also entertain the junior world cup. Finally, the best have shown the fencers Dániel BERTA (EM) and Réka BOHUS (EF) and I would like also express this way my felicitations.

To the end, I will only add, that we hope next year we will also see so much of quality fencing and will meet even more participants. Best regards to all.                                                                                                                 (A. Kralik)     


Men's epee

1. BERTA Dániel (HUN)

2. CHO-TEUN Sandor (HUN)

3. GUSEV Dmitriy (RUS)


Ladies epee

1. BOHUS Reka (HUN)

2. KHRAPINA Daniela (RUS)


3. SWATOVSKA Martyna (POL)

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