With 235 individual fencers and 18 teams the first ever CC tournament to be held in Luxembourg announces very promising.

“Having had a few logistic fallbacks we reduced the amount of marketing around the event” explains FLE-President Pascal Tesch, “Initially we had foreseen to be able to place 40 strips but for a number of reasons we had to cut down to a maximum of 32, our focus is to offer the best possible organization and treat the cadets as if they were seniors”.

The competition will take place in Luxembourg’s university city Esch-Alzette, the second largest city of the Grand-Duchy. The Organizing committee of the CC is similar to the team that is to organize the 2019 championships. “We have always seen the championships in 2019 as a part of a long term project” stresses Tesch “Today’s cadets are tomorrow’s juniors and some could possibly start in 2019”. The competition will be managed by the core team of Luxembourg’s Federation reinforced by international volunteers from Belarus, France, Ireland and Denmark tagging it as truly European event.

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