The official FIE press release follows:


First Olympic Competition day came to an end with a Gold Medal in Women’s Foil Individual for Erisa Di FRANCISCA(ITA)
The first day of the Olympic Fencing Competitions at the Excel venue started with an enormous number of spectators attending the event, up to 7.600, making a record of attendances for Fencing competitions ever.
The Italian Olympic success story continues in London 2012 with Gold Medalist Elisa Di FRANCISCA (ITA) after her 12-11 win over the Silver Medalist Arianna ERRIGO (ITA). Bronze Medalist Valentina VEZZALI(ITA) after her 13-12 extra time win over Hyun Hee NAM (KOR). Valentina VEZZALI (ITA) defeated by the Arianna ERRIGO (ITA) on the semi-finals.
"It was such a tremendous match, because Valentina wanted so badly to win four gold medals in a row. She has already won three Olympic Games, her medals speak for themselves." Arianna Errigo said.
Elisa DI FRANCISCA (ITA) – Gold Medalist, on her feelings about the final:
" I'm so much happy for it because this last one against Arianna was such a tough fight, especially from a psychological point of view. Today all my matches have been mentally difficult. Now I'm overwhelmed with feelings, I can't explain it, I can't describe it. The only thing that comes into my mind now, is that I've worked so much to get this (the Olympic gold medal). I wanted it so bad, and now I finally got it. All that work paid off in the end."
Medals and flowers Presenters for the Women’s Foil Individual Awards was Franco CARRARO (ITA), Chairman of the IOC’s Olympic Programme Commission and Alisher Usmanov (RUS), President of the International Fencing Federation (FIE).

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