10th EUROPEAN U23 FENCING CHAMPIONSHIPS is being held in Minsk, Belarus from 21st to 25th of April 2017 with Belarus hosting the European Championship in fencing for the first time.

The Championships will introduce 333 athletes from 32 countries. The total number of participants will count more than 500 people.

President of the European Fencing Confederation (EFC) Stanislav Pozdnyakov (Russia), Secretary General EFC Max Geuter (Germany), Technical Director EFC Julius Kralik (Slovakia) and the European fencing federations Presidents’ will also arrive in Minsk.

Both men’s and women’s fencing categories – the foil, saber, and epee will be presented at the Championship. Individual competitions will be held in the first 3 days of the Championship, followed by team competitions on 24—25 April.

The Executive Committee of the European Fencing Confederation will discuss a number of issues with regard to the EFC Congress preparation in the framework of EUROPEAN U23 FENCING CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Belarus is a country with a rich fencing history. The whole sporting community knows the names of the greatest Belarusian Champions: Viktor Sidyak, Elena Belova, Tatyana Samusenko, Alexander Romankov, Nikolai Alekhin, Boris Koretskiy.

EUROPEAN U23 FENCING CHAMPIONSHIPS – a beautiful, uncompromising and honest competition.

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