Leipzig: European Championships

Date: 17/07 to 22/07/2010
Place: Leipzig, Germany
Category: European Championships
Weapon: All
Age group: Seniors
Gender: Both


Participants 415
Nations 41
Matches 1512

40 nations, over 430 athletes – more than ever before in the history of the European Fencing Championships will compete from 17th to 22th of July in Leipzig, Germany. During the World Fencing championships five years ago the Saxony City attested the world a great fencing tradition.

Closing Ceremony Leipzig 2010
© Philipp Gorray
ECH 2010 Vezzali vs. Lamonova
© Philipp Gorray

Women's Sabre (Seniors, individual)

Rank Picture Athlete Country
1. KORMILITSYNA Svetlana Kormilitsyna, Svetlana (RUS) Russia Russia
2. VELIKAIA Sophia Velikaia, Sophia (RUS) Russia Russia
3. KLEMM Sibylle Klemm, Sibylle (GER) Germany Germany
3. BIANCO Ilaria Bianco, Ilaria (ITA) Italy Italy
5. KHARLAN Olga Kharlan, Olga (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
6. VOUGIOUKA Vassiliki Vougiouka, Vassiliki (GRE) Greece Greece
7. SOCHA Aleksandra Socha, Aleksandra (POL) Poland Poland
8. GAVRILOVA Julia Gavrilova, Julia (RUS) Russia Russia
9. MARZOCCA Gioia Marzocca, Gioia (ITA) Italy Italy
10. PASCU Bianca Pascu, Bianca (ROU) Romania Romania
11. DIATCHENKO Ekaterina Diatchenko, Ekaterina (RUS) Russia Russia
12. ZHOVNIR Olga Zhovnir, Olga (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
13. MARY Solenne Mary, Solenne (FRA) France France
14. VECCHI Irene Vecchi, Irene (ITA) Italy Italy
15. MARTIN-PORTUGUES Lucia Martin-Portugues, Lucia (ESP) Spain Spain
16. PETO Reka Peto, Reka (HUN) Hungary Hungary
17. NICOLL Chrystall Nicoll, Chrystall (GBR) United Kingdom United Kingdom
18. MUNTEANU Elena Munteanu, Elena (ROU) Romania Romania
19. JOZWIAK Bogna Jozwiak, Bogna (POL) Poland Poland
20. BENKO Reka Benko, Reka (HUN) Hungary Hungary
21. VARHELYI Anna Varhelyi, Anna (HUN) Hungary Hungary
21. KEDZIORA Katarzyna Kedziora, Katarzyna (POL) Poland Poland
23. DI TRANSO Irene di Transo, Irene (ITA) Italy Italy
24. BERDER Cecilia Berder, Cecilia (FRA) France France
25. PELEI Andreea Pelei, Andreea (ROU) Romania Romania
26. PERRUS Leonore Perrus, Leonore (FRA) France France
27. WIECKOWSKA Irena Wieckowska, Irena (POL) Poland Poland
28. MUSCH Anja Musch, Anja (GER) Germany Germany
29. PUNDYK Galyna Pundyk, Galyna (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
30. KUBISSA Stefanie Kubissa, Stefanie (GER) Germany Germany
31. VERGNE Carole Vergne, Carole (FRA) France France
32. MARCOS Sandra Marcos, Sandra (ESP) Spain Spain
33. HUTCHISON Joanna Hutchison, Joanna (GBR) United Kingdom United Kingdom
34. HIRZMANN Davina Hirzmann, Davina (GER) Germany Germany
35. NAGY Orsolya Nagy, Orsolya (HUN) Hungary Hungary
36. KISIALIOVA Volha Kisialiova, Volha (BLR) Belarus Belarus
37. FRIEDL Laura Friedl, Laura (AUT) Austria Austria
38. PALFFY Petra Palffy, Petra (ISR) Israel Israel
39. KHOMROVA Olena Khomrova, Olena (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
40. BOND-WILLIAMS Louise Bond-Williams, Louise (GBR) United Kingdom United Kingdom
41. TSCHOMAKOV Margrita Tschomakov, Margarita (GER) Germany Germany
42. GARDARSDOTTIR Gunnhildur Gardarsdottir, Gunnhildur (ISL) Iceland Iceland
43. VILA Laia Vila, Laia (ESP) Spain Spain
44. BULICA Mihaela Bulica, Mihaela (ROU) Romania Romania
45. NAVARRO Araceli Navarro, Araceli (ESP) Spain Spain
46. KAKHIANI Teodora Kakhiani, Teodora (GEO) Georgia Georgia
47. ANDREYEVA Darya Andreyeva, Darya (BLR) Belarus Belarus
48. MOSKINA Natalia Moskina, Natalia (BLR) Belarus Belarus
49. GUDLAUGSDOTTIR Ingibjorg laufey Gudlaugsdottir, Ingibjorg (ISL) Iceland Iceland
50. PROKESOVA Eva Prokesova, Eva (CZE) Czech Republic Czech Republic
51. AGUSTSDOTTIR Thorbjorg Agustsdottir, Thorbjorg (ISL) Iceland Iceland
52. KEMPE Katherine Kempe, Katherine (GBR) United Kingdom United Kingdom
53. APTSIAURI Tatia Aptsiauri, Tatia (GEO) Georgia Georgia
54. INAL Cansu Inal, Cansu (TUR) Turkey Turkey

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