Satu Mare: Cadet Circuit

Date: 26/01 to 27/01/2013
Place: Satu Mare, Romania
Category: Cadet Circuit
Weapon: Foil
Age group: Cadets
Gender: Female


Participants 91
Nations 13
Matches 372

Women's Foil (Cadets, individual)

Rank Picture Athlete Country
1. CALUGAREANU Malina Calugareanu, Malina (ROU) Romania Romania
2. BOLDOR Maria Boldor, Maria (ROU) Romania Romania
3. OVECHKINA Darya Ovechkina, Darya (RUS) Russia Russia
3. BALOGH Orsolya Balogh, Orsolya (HUN) Hungary Hungary
5. ARDENTOVA Natalya Ardentova, Natalya (RUS) Russia Russia
6. YUSOVA Victoria Yusova, Victoria (RUS) Russia Russia
8. Kadyrova, Mirgul (RUS) Russia Russia
9. MELNIKOVA Maria Melnikova, Maria (RUS) Russia Russia
10. MARTYANOVA Marta Martyanova, Marta (RUS) Russia Russia
11. TOTH JANKA TOTH, JANKA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
12. Larina, Anastasia (RUS) Russia Russia
14. Kuzmicheva, Ekaterina (RUS) Russia Russia
15. DAMASCHIN Corina Damaschin, Corina (ROU) Romania Romania
16. Koreny, Ajna (HUN) Hungary Hungary
17. Lunkina, Kseniya (BLR) Belarus Belarus
18. PAPP, PETRA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
19. Semukhina, Daria (RUS) Russia Russia
20. Gomzina, Olga (RUS) Russia Russia
21. Auzhan, Lizaveta (BLR) Belarus Belarus
22. BITTEROVA Kitti Bitterova, Kitti (SVK) Slovakia Slovakia
23. BOLDOR Ana Boldor, Ana (ROU) Romania Romania
24. Skiaeva, Iana (RUS) Russia Russia
25. KULIAYEVA Lizaveta Kuliayeva, Lizaveta (BLR) Belarus Belarus
26. PASZTOR, SAROLTA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
27. GOGLIDZE Teona Goglidze, Teona (GEO) Georgia Georgia
28. DYNKO Anastasiya Dynko, Anastasiya (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
29. KRALIKOVA Viktoria Kralikova, Viktoria (SVK) Slovakia Slovakia
30. Malyshkina, Alina (RUS) Russia Russia
31. Shekleina, Aleksandra (RUS) Russia Russia
32. TRIPPOLT Ann-Kathrin Trippolt, Ann-Kathrin (AUT) Austria Austria
33. Daminova, Dinara (RUS) Russia Russia
34. ABDRAKHMANOVA Adelya Abdrakhmanova, Adelya (RUS) Russia Russia
35. CONSTANTIN Alina Constantin, Alina (ROU) Romania Romania
36. Csato, Mercedesz (HUN) Hungary Hungary
37. SOMODI, ANITA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
38. Takacs, Anna (HUN) Hungary Hungary
39. Balanov, Iana (ROU) Romania Romania
40. Zhidyaeva, Maria (RUS) Russia Russia
41. Dzitieva, Madina (RUS) Russia Russia
43. Kochieva, Alana (RUS) Russia Russia
44. KOKAI, CSILLA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
45. VARGA Annett Varga, Annett (ROU) Romania Romania
46. TSIMBOLYNETS Anhelina Tsimbolynets, Anhelina (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
47. ZAKHARAVA Dziyana Zakharava, Dziyana (BLR) Belarus Belarus
48. EGYUD, LUCA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
49. EGYHAZI, ANNA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
49. VIRGA Laura VIRGA, Laura (ROU) Romania Romania
51. Lee, Michelle (USA) United States of America United States of America
52. MESZAROS, DOROTTYA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
53. BRANKOVIC Ljubica Brankovic, Ljubica (SRB) Serbia Serbia
54. Roi, Veronika (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
55. KOKENDI, FLORA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
56. Mateescu, Raluca (ROU) Romania Romania
57. DEREVYANKO Anastasiya Derevyanko, Anastasiya (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
58. Derzsiova, Michaela (SVK) Slovakia Slovakia
59. HANINA Noa Hanina, Noa (ISR) Israel Israel
60. ANDREYENKA Hanna Andreyenka, Hanna (BLR) Belarus Belarus
61. KOPYTSYA Anastasiya Kopytsya, Anastasiya (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
62. HAIDU Adriana HAIDU, Adriana (ROU) Romania Romania
63. HENDRICHOVA Sabina Hendrichova, Sabina (CZE) Czech Republic Czech Republic
64. PAVLYUK Daria Pavlyuk, Daria (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
65. LAZIN Alexandra Lazin, Alexandra (ROU) Romania Romania
66. ANDREYENKA Yana Andreyenka, Yana (BLR) Belarus Belarus
67. BERNAT, VIKTORIA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
68. SZANTAY, ANNA (HUN) Hungary Hungary
69. PIRK Rita Pirk, Rita (SVK) Slovakia Slovakia
70. SAVEANU Anca Saveanu, Anca (ROU) Romania Romania
71. PEDOSENKO Marta Pedosenko, Marta (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
72. HAJAS Nora Hajas, Nora (HUN) Hungary Hungary
73. HORVATH, NOEMI (HUN) Hungary Hungary
74. SIRBU Teodora SIRBU, Teodora (ROU) Romania Romania
75. CSEFALVAYOVA Karolina Csefalvayova, Karolina (SVK) Slovakia Slovakia
76. Khranova, Tetiana (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
77. Aldea, Rebeca (ROU) Romania Romania
78. CERES Anastasia Ceres, Anastasia (MDA) Moldova Moldova
79. PUKHOUSKAYA Valeryia Pukhouskaya, Valeryia (BLR) Belarus Belarus
79. Katanaeva, Alina (BLR) Belarus Belarus
81. Khmara, Anna-Maria (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
82. Kovach, Oleksandra (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
83. Mocanu, Ioana (ROU) Romania Romania
84. Kuzmenka, Lizaveta (BLR) Belarus Belarus
85. POTOR, Andrea (ROU) Romania Romania
86. VACARASU Raluca Vacarasu, Raluca (ROU) Romania Romania
87. Muts, Olha (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
88. ERDEI, Reka (ROU) Romania Romania
89. Holodenko, Yuliya (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
90. DIACHENKO Olga Diachenko, Olga (UKR) Ukraine Ukraine
91. Mistric, Ioana (ROU) Romania Romania

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