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Birthday 14.05.2000
Age 22
Gender male Male
Club CEC-C
Weapon arm right


Rank Name Nation City Discipline Season
18 European Championships U20 CRO Porec Men's Epee 2019/2020
80 U23 Circuit ITA Busto Arsizio Men's Epee 2019/2020
71 U23 Circuit FRA Colmar Men's Epee 2019/2020
29 European Championships U20 ITA Foggia Men's Epee 2018/2019
13 European Championships U23 BUL Plovdiv Men's Epee 2018/2019
69 U23 European Circuit GER Berlin Men's Epee 2018/2019
92 European U23 Circuit FRA Colmar Men's Epee 2018/2019
66 European Championships U20 RUS Sochi Men's Epee 2017/2018
6 U23 European Circuit ESP Barcelona Vilanova Men's Epee 2017/2018
66 U23 European Circuit ITA Busto Arsizio Men's Epee 2017/2018
21 Cadet Circuit LUX Luxembourg Men's Epee 2016/2017
110 Cadet Circuit GER Bonn Men's Epee 2016/2017
32 European Championships U17 BUL Plovdiv Men's Epee 2016/2017
20 Cadet Circuit FRA Grenoble Men's Epee 2016/2017
132 Cadet Circuit SVK Bratislava Men's Epee 2016/2017
29 Cadet Circuit FRA Chalons Men's Epee 2015/2016
64 European Championships U17 SRB Novi Sad Men's Epee 2015/2016
122 Cadet Circuit DEN Copenhagen Men's Epee 2015/2016
46 Cadet Circuit AUT Klagenfurt Men's Epee 2015/2016
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