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Elwin ELG

Birthday 04.10.2007
Age 16
Gender male Male
Club WFF
Weapon arm right


Rank Name Nation City Discipline Season
54 European Championships U17 EST Tallinn Men's Epee 2022/2023
19 Cadet Circuit FIN Espoo Helsinki Men's Epee 2022/2023
90 Cadet Circuit GER Leipzig Men's Epee 2022/2023
35 Cadet Circuit DEN Copenhagen Men's Epee 2022/2023
121 Cadet Circuit FRA Grenoble Men's Epee 2022/2023
28 Cadet Circuit HUN Budapest Men's Epee 2022/2023
197 Cadet Circuit POL Krakow Men's Epee 2021/2022
249 Cadet Circuit SVK Bratislava Men's Epee 2021/2022
67 Cadet Circuit DEN Copenhagen Men's Epee 2021/2022
25 Cadet Circuit Copenhagen DEN Copenhagen Men's Epee 2023/2024
12 Cadet Circuit Grenoble FRA Grenoble Men's Epee 2023/2024
43 Cadet Circuit Novi Sad SRB Novi Sad Men's Epee 2023/2024
25 Cadets Circuit Klagenfurt AUT Klagenfurt Men's Epee 2023/2024
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