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Work Groups

Pascal Tesch



Project Manager for the new Internet site


Pascal Tesch was born, raised and educated in Luxembourg. He holds various degrees in Fencing, Sports and Information technologies from renowned schools and universities in Paris, Cologne and Liverpool. His active fencing career began at the age of 8 and ended at the 1991 Vienna European championship. He’s actively involved in organizing competitions since he was 17. He joined EFC’s SEMI in 2009 and worked on different projects related to equipment. In 2013, he became a member of the EFC-COMEX and chaired the EFC-SEMI. During his mandate he developed a number of programs to actively support the organisers mainly focusing on training and tutoring. In 2016 he was elected to the FIE COMEX and subsequently did not run for EFC anymore. He stays close to EFC as a senior consultant on a pro-bono basis.

His mother language is Luxemburgish, besides he is fluent in French, German and English and has basic knowledge in Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

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