30.08.2020 0:00

Fencing event

Successful international fencing event in Czech Republic

Despite difficult period in all areas including sports, here is an example of inspiring motion coming from Czech Republic in person of one of the highest level of men foil fencing – Alexander Choupenitch. He with his team put in place the project „Alexander Exhibition 2020 of foil teams from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia“ held in Brno (CZE), the second biggest city of Czechia. Technical results brought expected victory for Czech Team defeating both other teams, however, that was not the main goal: the real winner was the Fencing, getting support from many sponsors starting with city and region, Czech Fencing Federation and Red Bull, ending with the Hotel Continental in Brno where that nice event followed by cca 200 spectators was held. We can be happy that even if our sport was heavily damaged by Covid 19 pandemia causing almost collapse of all activities, the fencers are not giving up without the fight and in Brno we were witness of that will and courage. For precision, the teams were composed as follows:

Austria: Tobias Reichetzer and Martin Kain

Czech Republic: Alexander Choupenitch and Marek Totusek

Slovakia: Andrej Kralik and Samuel Blanar

The event was followed besides others also by the President of the Czech Fencing Federation, Mr. Oldrich Kubista and EFC Sports and Technical Director Julius Kralik. The recorded Exhibition was broadcasted by the first national CZE TV channel on the next day and promoted in media.