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COMEX Meeting Empowers European Fencing Confederation at Cup of European Champions in Cagliari

12.10.2023 10:26



The recently concluded Cup of European Champions in Cagliari, Italy, not only showcased intense fencing battles but also served as the backdrop for a significant meeting of the European Fencing Confederation's Executive Committee (COMEX). The gathering, held on the 7th of this month, covered a wide range of topics aimed at enhancing the confederation's operations, updating regulations, and planning for future events. Let's delve into some of the key highlights from the productive COMEX meeting.

1. Opening Remarks and Congress Announcement:

The meeting commenced with the president's warm welcome and expression of gratitude for the committee members' dedication. One of the significant outcomes was the agreement to hold both the ordinary and extraordinary congress on September 15th of 2024. The confederation's secretariat will ensure that all member federations receive the official communication regarding this important date.

2. Focus on Improving Competitions:

Several important suggestions were put forward to improve the quality of fencing competitions. The committee discussed enhancing the level of attention and identified areas where tournaments could be further refined to benefit both fencers and spectators.

3. Financial Updates:

The treasurer presented a detailed financial report, including the condition of the budget. 

4. Venue Inspection

Site visits to upcoming events in Naples (European Championships for Cadets and Juniors) and Basel (European Championships for Senior) were reported to ensure appropriate preparations are made for these competitions.

5. Appointment of Delegates:

During the meeting, key positions for various delegations were identified, including competition delegates, DT, referee delegates, SEMI, medical delegates and Safeguarding officer. This strategic allocation of responsibilities aims to ensure smooth operations during future events.

6. Development of Guidelines for Cancelled Events:

A working group was formed to establish guidelines for contingencies when events need to be canceled. This proactive approach will help guide decision-making processes related to unforeseen circumstances that may affect the smooth running of tournaments.

6. Approval of Master Referee

The COMEX approved the list of master referees, ensuring their expertise will continue to contribute to the refinement of refereeing standards. 

7. Solidarity Participant Lists:

The executive committee has approved the list of coaches who will participate in the foil training stage in Italy and the épée training stage in France в рамках The Solidarity program.

8. The Promotional Porgram Project:

The Promotional Program Project has been reviewed. It focuses on promoting fencing in countries where it is not yet officially recognized, such as Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and others.

9. Preparations for the European Youth Festival U14:

A dedicated working group was established to examine and develop regulations for organizing the upcoming European Youth Festival U14. This initiative seeks to provide a platform for young talent to showcase their skills and foster a love for the sport.

10. “SHARE YOUR VOICE” Survey:

Marketing/Promotion Commission conducted a "SHARE YOUR VOICE" survey to gather feedback from EFC users. The survey was available on the EFC website, Instagram/Facebook pages from 1st to 30th September 2023. It received responses from 425 individuals, including athletes, managers, coaches, and referees, representing 53 countries. The results will be presented and a summary will be shared with national federations soon.

11. Strengthening Support Teams:

The committee endorsed the appointment of support personnel for the secretariat and technical office, ensuring proficient administrative and technical support for the confederation's operations. Furthermore, it was resolved to identify a dedicated press officer to enhance the confederation's media presence.

The COMEX meeting held during the Cup of European Champions in Cagliari proved to be a significant step in fortifying the European Fencing Confederation. As decisions were made and initiatives set in motion, the confederation is poised for further growth and development. The forthcoming communication to member federations will provide detailed information on these crucial outcomes, emphasizing the confederation's commitment to transparency and progress.