07.10.2020 22:23


Delegates Applaud EFC and International Referees Milenchev & Shamis

Today, the EFC continued its series of referee seminars aimed improving the standard of Europe’s young cohort and preparing them for their international (FIE) B licenses exams.

This is the first phase of a series of seminars taking place over the coming months and has been widely applauded by all delegates involved.  The FIE’s Sport and Technical Director, Evgeny Tsoukhlo attended the latest seminar as a guest.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with delegates enthused by the use of online meetings to allow them to reconnect with fencing.  

One delegate said, “The opportunity to learn from Mr. Milenchev and Mr. Shamis through these seminars is amazing.  We were tested on our technical knowledge and our ability to make calls from videos of top class fencing matches.  I’ve not had the opportunity to practice my refereeing for some months now and these seminars allow us to continue practicing safely in these strange times.  Thanks to the EFC for setting them up and to both referees for their time and insight.  I can’t wait for the next one.”