Coronavirus preventive measures by FIE

11.03.2020 7:51


In order to help the WHO and natonal authorites to protect against propagaton of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the

pathogen for the COVID-19 disease, you are required to follow the recommendatons of the WHO.

These are available in Arabic, Mandarin, English, French and Russian at the WHO website.



Reading them and instructng your teams accordingly is an important step in this unusual situaton as we must

react swifly and efficiently.


Basic protectve measures (WHO, recommendaton):

• Wash your hands frequently - use water or alcohol-based sanitzing lotons

• Maintain social distance - fencers salute only by weapon

• Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth - these are the main ports of entry for the virus

• React at the first symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) - see your doctor for further advise.


Please be informed that the organising commite of any FIE-event may enforce any additonal measures put in place by the local authorites of host city.