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Day one in Cagliari: Double gold for Fiamme Oro. 

06.10.2023 23:15


The opening day of the European Cup of Club Champions in Cagliari, Italy instantly captivated spectators with exhilarating matches in both the women's epee and men's sabre team events.

With 15 teams representing 12 countries in the women’s epee event, the competition was fierce from the start. After the preliminary rounds, four teams emerged with a perfect record of victories: Ukraine, Ukraine 2, Levallois SC, and Italy 2 (Fiamme Oro). These teams showcased their dominance and set the stage for an intense battle for the medals.

During the first semi-finals of the women's epee team event, two Ukrainian teams went head-to-head, resulting in a dominant victory for the first Ukrainian team - 45:26. In the second semi-final, Italian team Fiamme Oro fought hard against the French team Levallois SC, eventually emerging victorious with a score of 39:35. Italian fencer Giulia Rizzi showcased her exceptional skills and played a pivotal role in this match, ending with remarkable +4 that significantly contributed to her team's success. However, it was not just Giulia who excelled today; the entire Fiamme Oro team, comprising Alice Clerici, Alberta Santuccio, Giulia Rizzi, and Gaia Traditi, demonstrated outstanding performances throughout the day's events. Their collective effort undoubtedly propelled their team towards victory.

In the final, the Fiamme Oro team continued their remarkable form, securing a gold medal with a relatively comfortable 45:39 victory over Ukraine (Vlada Kharkova, Olena Kryvytska, Darja Varfolomyeyeva). Meanwhile, the bronze medal went to the French team Levallois SC (Julia Caron, Alexandra Louis Marie, Solene Mbiim, Coraline Vitalis), who proved stronger than Ukraine 2 (Inna Brovko, Kseniya Pantelyeyeva, Yuliya Svystil) with a final score of 45:34.

In the men's team sabre event, Italy 2 Fiamme Oro (Francesco Bonsanto, Luca Curatoli, Riccardo Nuccio, Pietro Torre) demonstrated their dominance by not only winning all their bouts in the preliminary round but also by triumphing in a challenging final against CS Dinamo Bucharest (Rares Ailinca, George Dragomir, Iulian Teodosiu, Paul Ursachi) with a score of 45:43. Luca Curatoli from Fiamme Oro deserves special mention for his impressive comeback in the final bout, winning his match 10:3 against the 18th-ranked fencer in the world, Iulian Teodosiu.

Taking the third-place and bronze medal was team Italy 1 (Enrico Berre', Francesco D’Armiento, Lorenzo Ottaviani, Luigi Samele), who showcased their excellence throughout the preliminary rounds and secured their podium finish against the French team France Clamart (Benjamin Ducerf, Evan Fraboulet, Remi Garrigue, Nicolas Iliasz) with a score of 45:32. In total, there were 12 teams from 10 countries competing in the men’s sabre event.

Congratulations to all the winners and medalists on their outstanding performances. As the tournament progresses, make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming women's team sabre and men's team epee events, where more thrilling fencing action awaits.