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Day three at the European Cup of Club Champions: Italy proved its dominance during the third and final day of the European Cup of Club Champions

08.10.2023 20:50


The Italian teams shone brightly in both the men's and women's foil categories, leaving no doubt about their superiority. In the women's foil final, it was a thrilling all-Italian match-up between Italy 2 (Carabinieri) and Italy 1 (Fiamme Gialle). The Carabinieri team, consisting of Martina Batini, Anna Cristino, Benedetta Pantanetti, and Martina Sinigalia, showcased their resilience and determination to secure victory. It was an intense battle, but the Carabinieri team emerged triumphant with a score of 45:43, thanks to an incredible comeback by Martina Batini in the final bout against Serena Rossini. Batini's impressive performance, winning 9 out of 5 touches, sealed the well-deserved win for the Carabinieri team.

The bronze medal match in the women's epee category saw Romanian team CS Rapid Bucharest facing Germany's Tauberbishofsheim. The match started off in favor of the Romanian team, but the seventh bout took an unexpected turn when German fencer Leandra Behr secured an impressive 14:5 victory against Claudia Memoli. Despite this setback, the CS Rapid Bucharest team managed to maintain their lead, eventually defeating their opponents with a final score of 44:38.

In the women's foil category, eight teams from six different countries participated in the competition. 

The men's team foil final witnessed a fiercely contested battle between Frascati and Fiamme Oro, both representing Italy. Fiamme Oro initially held the lead until the eighth bout, where Carlos Llavador of Frascati staged a fantastic comeback against Edoardo Luperi. Llavador's remarkable performance, winning his bout 12:4, shifted the momentum in favor of Frascati. In the final bout, Daniele Garozzo of Frascati sealed the deal, securing the gold medal for his team with a brilliant display of fencing skill.

In the bronze medal match of the men's team foil category, the Ukrainian team, consisting of Maksym Korzhovoi, Ievgen Lazarenko, Bohdan Pnivchuk, and Andrii Pogrebniak, proved to be too strong for the British team from Salle Holyrood. The Ukrainians dominated the match, winning with a commanding score of 45:24.

Over the course of three unforgettable days, the European Cup of Club Champions showcased an abundance of fencing excellence, evoking a whirlwind of emotions, from heart-stopping comebacks to tears of sheer joy. The event captivated not only the organizers, participants, and spectators but also set the stage for an electrifying atmosphere. As the competition reached its conclusion, the anticipation for next year's edition already began to ignite, promising an even grander spectacle in the future.