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EFC COMEX meeting and congress 2023

24.06.2023 0:00


Hotel Metropolo in Krakow was the site for the ordinary EFC Congress in 2023, the day before the start of the fencing event at the European Games.

The day began with the first-ever open meeting of the COMEX, where all the present delegates were allowed to spectate a meeting of the executive committee. It is a new initiative of the EFC president Giorgio Scarso, who unfortunately could not attend due to illness. The president, speaking on a video call, welcomed all the delegates and explained that the open meeting is "a way to share the management of the EFC because it belongs not only to a few, but also the federations deserve to be part of the decisions."

The congress began after lunch and the first point of action was a welcoming speech from the president of the Polish sports federation: "Despite all the difficulties of the last year I am happy we are all here together for the congress and to celebrate the European Games together in Kraków". Through a letter, also the EFC president Scarso addressed the congress. After welcoming the delegates and honorary members, the letter reflected on the past year of turbulence in fencing: "I hope that with the Confederation Congress being held today, a period of much trouble for European Fencing can be considered closed." Moreover, he wrote about the new projects launched by the EFC, saying: "I express my gratitude to the COMEX who approved the "Solidarity Programme", a project that is first of its kind, which has already contributed to the growth of fencing in Europe with the four events already organised, with an additional five being planned for next season".

As its first course of action, Congress approved annual and financial reports, the report of the auditor and also discharged the President and Executive Committee from their responsibility for the governance of the EFC over the previous year's activities. Furthermore, the budget and working plan for 2024 was approved, including the increase of entry fees for EFC U14, U17, and U23 competitions with 5 euro per individual and 15 euro per team be paid to EFC by the organisers. The meeting then proceeded with the two proposals from the Ukrainian fencing federation, both of which were approved. The result is that no athletes, coaches or officials holding a Russian or Belarusian citizenship and licences, are allowed to participate in competitions organised by the EFC. Moreover, following the approval of the second motion, the membership in the EFC of the Russian Fencing Federation (RUS) and the Belarusian Fencing Federation (BLR) was suspended. 

Congress will continue its collaboration with the current auditor, and Congress also approved the changes in the statutes to align them with the FIE statutes after the November FIE Congress' changes to the statues. Congress then awarded the 2024 U23 European Championship to Antalya and the 2024 Cadet and Junior Championships to Naples. Lastly, the Congress concluded by awarding honorary membership to Pierre Abric (FRA).