30.09.2020 21:56



Another enthusiastic group of EFC Category C referees took advantage of the federation’s strive to improve the standards and consistency of Europe’s top fencing officials today.


Following last week’s inaugural seminar international referees Vladislav Shamis and Vasil Milenchev took the second cohort of aspiring Olympic and Paralympic referees through their paces.


Speaking about the EFC’s ambitions, Referee Commission representative, Milenchev who has overssen medal matches at both the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games said, “Our goal is to provide our new referees with the clear understanding of how to apply the complex rules of fencing in a consistent way.  Feeling is not only important to fencers but also to referees but in order to do our job at the highest standards, all referees must be able to ‘call’ each and every hit the same way.  The rule book is our bible and myself and Vladislav are here to guide and mentor our new cohort in applying the rules correctly.  We want them to make their mistakes with us in this controlled environment, so they go back and study the rules to become the best referees in the world.”


Milenchev and Shamis have been taking the trainee referees through practical examples of real-match situations.  By challenging the trainees with these situations, Milenchev added, “We have test questions that specifically challenge their knowledge of the technical rules. The idea here is to show that rules are the most important part of referring.  Usually when you make a mistake this can push you to read the rules to ensure that you don’t make the same mistake again - this is the biggest step forward.”


“Our goal is to improve the level of these referees and ensure that they are prepared for and pass the FIE exams.


These seminars are planned to continue over the coming weeks as the EFC prepares for the return of competitive action.