01.02.2021 7:51


The EFC’s virtual refereeing training series is now an established weekly fixture and continues to be well attended. The theoretical and practical training is already showing signs of success as the delegates are beginning to implement practices learned earlier.

Ever-present Project Manager and EFC Vice-President, Nikolay Mateev said, “It is clear that this training is having a difference. The delegates are now much-more interactive with the mentors and I can see their development. My colleagues and I are immensely proud not only for delivering this project but also how well received it has been by the delegates and our special guests. It is very important to have this connection in these difficult times, especially as we are making tentative steps towards returning to international competitions.”

The hosts and delegates were again joined by the FIE’s Secretary General, Emmanuel Katsiadkis and he discussed the future of the project with the EFC’s Secretary General, Jacek Slupski who said, “Our sabre element is progressing well and we will follow the same pattern with the second set of foil seminars. We will then begin to deliver epee seminars in the coming weeks.”