Europe Wins Gold in Continental Mixed Team Fencing at Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games

10.10.2018 0:00

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, October 10, 2018—On the fourth and final day of fencing competition at the third Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Europe has taken the gold medal in the Continental Mixed-Team event. In all, eight teams participated, including three from Europe, two from Asia-Oceania, two from the Americas and one from Africa. The competition took place in the YOG Africa Pavilion.

The Continental Mixed-Team event, unique to the Youth Olympic Games, includes six fencers on each team: three girls and three boys fencing epee, foil and sabre. Fencers on each team are from different countries in the continental region, so there are mixed countries represented on each team. The crowd-pleasing event provides for enthusiastic camaraderie among different cultures and countries.

In the today’s tournament, Team Europe 1 overcame Asia-Oceania in the gold-medal match, winning 28-25. Asia-Oceania beat Americas 1 in the semi-final round, 23-22, and Europe 1 defeated Europe 3, 30-22. Americas 1 took the bronze medal against Europe 3, 30-24.

The event format has six rounds (one for each team member) fenced to five touches or three minutes, whichever comes first, alternating genders and weapons. With six rounds and five touches possible in each, a maximum of 30 points are scored in each match. The team to reach 30 first wins, or they can win with fewer points if they are ahead and the end of the final three-minute period.

The eight teams, ranked in order, included Europe 1 (gold), Asia-Oceania 1 (silver), Americas 1 (bronze), Europe 3, Asia-Oceania 2, Europe 2, Americas 2 and Africa.

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