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European Cadet Circuits: A Weekend of Epee, Foil, and Sabre Showdowns Across Budapest, Manchester, and Gödöllő

15.10.2023 0:00


Prepare to be captivated as we delve into an action-packed weekend that saw the European Cadet Circuits take center stage across three enchanting cities. From the resplendent epee battles in Budapest, Hungary to the lightning-fast foil clashes in Manchester, Great Britain, and the fierce sabre duels in Gödöllő, Hungary, the past weekend was a spectacle of fencing brilliance. 




In the men's epee division, an impressive total of 288 participants took to the piste. Emerging victorious was Doruk Erolcevik from Turkey. Erolcevik faced tough challenges in the direct elimination matches, with two of them being won by just one touch. In the final, he faced off against a local Hungarian fencer, Donat Kiss, securing a well-deserved first-place finish. Tristan Lumineau from Great Britain and Bence Taivainen from Hungary claimed the bronze medals.

The women's epee category saw Sharika Gajjala from the United States dominate the competition. Gajjala's journey to the gold medal was notably smooth. The final was the only challenging match for her, as she emerged victorious over Romanian fencer Erica Badea with a score of 15:13. Varvara Bezuglaya from Cyprus and Hanna Terhes from Hungary secured the third-place positions.

Turning our attention to the team events, the men's competition concluded with a victory for Team USA 1 (Alexander Bezrodnov, Elijah Imrek, Ryan Jeyoon, and Reid Kokenge). Hungary captured the second-place position (Mate Balint Antal, Boldizsar Kelement, Donat Kiss and Bence Taivainen), while USA 4 (David Dodin, Karol Karnas, Byung Kim, Jonathan Wu) secured the bronze, winning a closely contested match against Hungary 2 (Tamas Bagyula, Zoltan Csaszar, Matyas Feher, Aron Petrovszki) with a score of 45:43.

In the women's team competitions, the top spot was claimed by Hungary 2 (Julia Rozsas, Hanna Terhes, Flora Luca Varga, and Boglarka Zala), who emerged victorious in a thrilling final against Poland (Kamila Danek, Olivia Janeczek, Laura Misiak, Magda Ratyna) by a close score of 45:44. Taking the third-place position was USA 1 (Sharika Gajjala, Zoe Kim, Tallulah Nguyen, Elizabeth Zigalo), who secured a win over Estonia (Diana Ivanova, Eliisa Kikerpill, Ksenja Parlin, Julia Trynova).




In the men's foil category, a total of 159 fencers competed for the top honors. Emerging as the champion was Richard Li from the United States, followed closely by his compatriot Luao Yang in second place. Julian Goor and Roy Graham, also from the United States, claimed third place, making it a clean sweep for the American contingent.

Similar dominance was observed in the Women's Foil event, where American fencers once again claimed the top positions. Katerina Lung clinched first place with her outstanding performance, followed by Jaelyn Liu in second place. Emily Jing and Kaitlyn Tan, both representing the United States, secured joint third place.

The team competitions were equally thrilling, with the American teams showcasing their remarkable teamwork and skill. In the men's foil team event, team USA 2 emerged victorious with a stellar lineup consisting of Jacob Lee, Richard Li, Conrad Lo, and Alexander Wu. They were closely followed by USA 1, represented by Deseranno Don Jeidus, Roy Graham, Nickolas Rusadze, and Luao Yang, securing the second position. USA 3, with Justice Cullivan, Jonathan Dai, Jayden Hooshi, and Aiden Siu, claimed third place.

In the women's foil team competition, it was team USA 1 (Allison Chen, Hailey Eyer, Adeline Senic, and Lydia Shen) who stood tall as champions. USA 2, represented by Chloe Chen, Caterina Fedeli, Irene Seo, and Iris Yang, secured second place, while United States of America 3, with Vivienne Goor, Sandra Luo, and Aileen Mi, claimed the third position.



In the men's sabre category, it was an intense competition with a total of 282 fencers. Massimo Sibillo from Italy emerged victorious, displaying his exceptional technique and precision. Shaun Kim from the USA claimed the second position, while Gabriel Babayev from the USA and Julian Maklakov from Germany shared the third place.

Moving on to the women's sabre, Sophie Liu from the USA demonstrated her prowess and clinched the gold medal. Dorottya Csonka from Hungary secured second place, while Sophia Schiminovich from the USA and Nadin Toth from Hungary finished in joint third place.

The men's team competition USA 1, composed of Vasil Atanassov, Jason Bae, Shaun Kim, and Robert Wang, emerged as the champions. USA 2, consisting of Gabriel Babayev, Silas Choi, Aydan Lee, and Emilio Paturzo Gonzalez, secured the second position. Italy 5, represented by Matteo Ottaviani, Leonardo Reale, Valerio Reale, and Massimo Sibillo, achieved an impressive third-place.

In the women's team competition, Italy 3, consisting of Flavia Astolfi, Francesca Romana Lentini, Vittoria Mocci, and Benedetta Stangoni, claimed the top spot. Hungary, represented by Dorottya Csonka, Brigitte Racz, Polli Szabo, and Nadin Toth, secured the second position. Great Britain 1, composed of Ava Davies, Keira Donnelly-Sallows, Hui Xin Sezille, and Maya Sutton, put up a strong performance and earned the third place.

The weekend full of European Cadet Circuits has been nothing short of exhilarating, with young fencers from various countries demonstrating their immense talent and competitive spirit. With such promising talent emerging from these competitions, it is an inspiring sign of the continued growth and popularity of fencing around the world. We look forward to seeing these talented athletes progress in their fencing careers and make their mark on the international stage.