29.02.2020 21:38


Italy Foil Conveyer-Belt Continues to Flourish as Martina Favaretto beats Vittoria Ciampalini to European Crown

Italy’s European number one, Martina Favaretto secured the final women’s individual title at the Junior European Championships today in Porec, Croatia.  The foilist was unbeaten all day on route to her place on top of the podium.

Favaretto began the day strongly, winning all of her ranking round matches and taking the number seed into the elimination stages.  She went on to beat Wieczorek (POL) 15-3, European number six Udonichenko (RUS) 15-10 and Andreyenka (BLR) 15-6 to make the semi-finals.  Her opponent there was a bit of a surprise.  Romania’s, Emilia Corbu was ranked 217th in Europe but dropped just one fight in the first round and earned a ranking of five for the elimination stages.  She went on to beat teammate Vasile 15-12 and Zurawska (POL) 15-8 to make the quarterfinals.  Ricci (ITA) stood in her way of a guaranteed medal but injured her hamstring during the match and withdrew to prevent further damage ahead of the upcoming World Championship in Salt Lake City.

Favaretto dominated the semi-final match with Corbu, leading 8-0 at the first break and going on to win 15-5.

In the other half of the draw, Europe’s 132nd best fencer Maria-Eleni Chaldaiou from Greece had an amazing day, fencing with confidence to make the medal matches.  Her semi-final opponent was Italian Vittoria Ciampalini.  She had taken out Europe’s fifth best fencer Sunduchkova (RUS) 15-13 on her way to the top four.  In a tight contest, Ciampalini came from 10-8 behind at the break to make the final with a 15-12 victory.

Whilst the finalist both came from Italy their styles could not have been more contrasting.  Ciampalini has a classical style and employs more traditional moves.  Whereas Favaretto is from the modern mould, keeping her blade out of the way unless she’s doing something with it.  At the beginning Ciampalini bossed the match but once Favaretto worked out the distance her ruthlessly sharp actions off the blade took her to a 15-8 victory inside the first period.