Foil events in Torun and titles for Russia and USA

11.04.2019 0:00

Foil events of the World Fencig Championships of Cadets and Juniors took place in the past three days, startgin with individual junior events.

In women's foil competition, even though still cadet by age, Scruggs Lauren (USA) claimed the junior title after defeating Favaretto Martina (ITA) in the final, and Ueno Yuka (JPN) in the semifinal. Favaretto faced Park Jihee (KOR) in the second semifinal, leaving her with bronze.

Men's foil was a show of Russian domination, with three fencers in the final eight, claiming the title for Borodachev Kirill and silver Mylnikov Vladislav (both RUS). Mylnikov faced his teammate Borodachev Anton in the quarterfinal ruining the hopes for repeating the famous brother final match from last year's championships. Hamza Mohamed (EGY) and Fujikura Rui (JPN) took bronze.

Scruggs Lauren, seemed to know no boundries, repeating her performance from juniors also in the cadet's competition on the next day, facing Hong Sein (KOR) in the final and Lorenzi Margherita (ITA) in the semi. Hong defeated Rosolova Valeriya (RUS) in the secod semi.

Men's competition of cadets added yet another title for Russia with Barannikov Egor facing and defeating De Belval Paul Antoine (FRA) in the final. Xu Jie (CHN) and Franzoni Giuseppe (ITA) took both bronze.

Juniors teams competition confirmed Russia's supremacy in this weapon, when both teams reached the top, leaving silver and bronze for Japan and Korea in the women's event and to France an Italy in the men's competition.


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