Helexpo Eurocup Thessaloniki

14.10.2018 0:00

195 athletes - 25 teams - 19 countries traveled to Thessaloniki last weekend for HELEXPO EUROCUP (ECC -14 -17 foil)

Hungarian Makk Domonkos won Thessaloniki ECC -17 foil boys, second was Croatian Spoljar and third were Kuchta (Slovakia) and Tunczer (Turkey). In team event Turkey won the Gold Medal, Croatia got Silver and Denmark won the Bronze Medal.

A total of 91 boys and girls participated in - 14 Boys. Winner was Mazmomoglu (TUR) , 2nd Ilman (TUR) and 3rd Sezer (TUR) - Mateev (BUL).

Girls winner was Naskari (GRE), 2nd Karlsson (SWE) and 3rd Mikoulak (SWE) - Tsepeti (GRE). The Competition was organized in Thessalloniki International Exhibition Center HELEXPO, Pav. 4 by Florina Fencing Club.

Full Photo Story available on FB page of florina fencing club (f.f.c.)