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Informal Meeting of European Federations: An important occasion for discussion and collaboration

26.11.2023 7:55



On the evening of November 24th at 8:00 PM, an important informal meeting of European Federations took place. The event saw the participation of almost all European federations, representing a unique opportunity for gathering and dialogue.

President Scarso opened the meeting by providing an overview of the Confederation's activities. Representatives from the different federations then took the floor, contributing to a fruitful and stimulating exchange of ideas.

One of the items on the agenda addressed the "Solidarity Program." The President expressed gratitude to the federations that have implemented this commendable initiative and presented special recognition to the presidents of Sweden, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, and Poland for their valuable support to the secretariat.

The meeting concluded with the appointment of a group of executives tasked with creating a working team. This team will propose to the FIE a version of the regulation governing Olympic qualification. This step is crucial to ensure fair and transparent competition during future Olympic Games.

The informal meeting of European Federations was a success, facilitating the sharing of common ideas and goals. The commitment and determination of all federations to work together to improve the sport and promote solidarity among European countries were evident.

In conclusion, it is important to underline the significance of these informal gatherings, which enable federations to collaborate and make strong collective decisions. We are confident that the proposals discussed during this meeting will have a significant impact on the future of European sports competitions.