Italy dominates as Di Veroli Completes Unique Junior and Cadet Double.

08.03.2018 0:00

Martina Favaretto of Italy took gold in Women’s Foil while the undeniable story of the day was her compatriot Davide Di Veroli completed an impressive double in the junior men’s epee individual having won the cadet individual just days earlier. With his team gold in the cadets competition, can Italy take a clean sweep of Men’s epee gold medals.

Junior Men’s Epee

The first semi-final of the evening saw David Nagy of Hungary face-off against Arthur Philippe of France. Nagy took an early lead in the match and guarded that lead for the rest of match and pulling away from his opponent as he chased the ever extending lead. The final score 15-4.

Di Veroli (ITA) made his way to the final after facing Alexander Biro (AUT) in the semi-finals. Di Veroli, not for first time in the tournament was able to best his taller opponent with a display of lightening footwork. Di Veroli managed to eek out a two-point lead after the first period and was able to maintain that lead – the match finishing 15-13.

In the final, Di Veroli once again shone and was able to dominated his opponent Nagy who had no answer for the speed of the Italian. The final score 15-8 cemented an impressive performance so far in this week by the Italian.

2 NAGY, David HUN
3T BIRO, Alexander AUT

Final rankings can be found here.

Junior Women’s Foil

The pedigree and depth of talent of Italian women’s foil fencers once again shone threw in the junior competition. Martina Favaretto of Italy dispatched Marta Martyanova of Russia in her semi-final in perfunctory fashion 15-9. This result was mirrored in the other semi-final by Leonie Ebert of Germany beating Victoria Yusova of Russia 15-7.

The Favaretto and Ebert had met each other’s match in the final which turned out to be a thrillingly close final. The two traded points back and forth quickly in the first period with score reaching 10-all heading into the final minute the first period before Ebert scored three quick hits in succession to take a commanding lead, 13-10. There was to be a final sting in the tail as Favaretto fought back to bring the score to 14-14. Finally a simultaneous action from both fencers saw Favaretto land her attack while Ebert graced her target and missed, handing gold to the Italian.

2 EBERT, Leonie GER
3T YUSOVA, Victoria RUS

Final rankings can be found here.