Junior Competition begins

07.03.2018 0:00

The European Cadet Championships highlighted some of the amazing raw talent from across the continent. Now as the Junior championships begin on shores of the Black Sea in Sochi we have a relatively unique opportunity to compare the additional finesse that some extra experience of international experience brings. Italy’s fantastic championship continued with a gold in Women’s Epee for Frederica Isola while France, having not entered a cadet team announce their arrival at the championship with a gold Maxime Pianfetti in Men’s Sabre.

Junior Women’s Epee

The first semi-final of the evening saw Alexandra Predescu of Romania face Elivira Martensson of Sweden. In a closely fought match typified by double-hits the decisive lead came half-way through the second period when Predescu was able to parry-riposte in response to Martensson’s fleche to take the score to 6-5. She held on to that precious one-point lead into the dying moments of the match before extending her lead to two-points and finishing the match with a double. Final score 15-13.

The second semi-final saw Aliya Bayram of France take to the piste to face Federica Isola of Italy. In a low scoring match once again the Italian fencer was able to control the distance and stay just out of reach of her opponent. A single point separated the two fencers after the first period at 4-3 to the Italian. Isola claimed what would prove to be a commanding two-point lead when she managed to score in response to Bayram’s fleche for the third time with a counter-action. She built on that lead in the same manner leading into the second break with the score at 9-6. The match opened up slightly with the French fencer chasing but it was too little too late – the final score 15-11.

In the final, Isola proved that the counter-attacking prowess that she displayed in her semi-final was no fluke. Once again she was able to take an early lead of two-point and control the distance with an excellent tactical display never allowing her opponent back into the match. She took what would be a decisive 6-2 lead into the second pause. The final score 12-6 reflected a dominant performance.

1 ISOLA, Federica ITA
2 PREDESCU, Alexandra ROU

Final rankings can be found here.

Junior Men’s Sabre

In the first of the Men’s semi-finals of the evening saw Sebastien Patrice gainst Konstantin Lokhanov of Russia. Despite his success earlier in the season things did not seem to be going to plan for the French fencer and he found himself 14-9 down to Lokhanov. That was the beginning of an incredible comeback however and soon the score was miraculously 14-14 – the final hit a dramatic attack-no and then feroscious marching attack to take the match for Pianfetti.

In the second semi final Maxime Pianfett, three-time medallist in this year’s junior world cup circuit, of France was able to secure an all French final by defeting Alberto Arpino of Italy. The final scroe 15-11.

The French team mates held nothing in reserve in the final but some impressive counter-attacking and stop hits from Pianfetti gained him the upper hand and he was able to finish the match 15-11.

2 PATRICE, Sebastien FRA
3T LOKHANOV, Konstantin RUS
3T ARPINO, Alberto ITA

Final rankings can be found here.