New records of participation in budapest

14.11.2018 0:00

of the men’s and women’s foil and men’s epée individual and team European Cadet Circuit
competition of Budapest, 9-11 November, 2018.
The competition took place in Budapest, in the Gerevich Aladár National Sport Hall (1146 Budapest,
Istvánmezei út 3-5.).
Altogether six events (men’s foil individual, men’s foil team, women’s foil individual, women’s foil
team, men’s epée individual and men’s epée team) were organized in one weekend, according to the
timetable below:
November 9 - Friday 09:00 Women’s foil individual
November 9 - Friday 11:00 Men’s foil individual
November 10 - Saturday 09:00 Men’s foil team
November 10 - Saturday 09:00 Women’s foil team
November 10 - Saturday 09:00 Men’s epée team
November 11 - Sunday 09:00 Men’s epée individual
As it is shown in the timetable, the three team events were organized on the same day; this way it was
possible to manage the whole competition in three days, making it more cost efficient and more
comfortable for participating delegations. (In men’s epée, the team event was held before the individual.)
During the weekend, altogether 740 (!) individual fencers and 125 (!) teams participated. On Friday 515
athletes competed (256 women and 259 men), and the organizers prepared 38 (!) pistes for the events,
so that the pools could start in one round even with this high number of participants. Fencers from Asia,
Africa and even Australia represented their nations and of course all fencing nations of Europe were
Despite the record number of participants the official schedule was kept during the whole weekend,
without any delay or any stress in the fencing hall.
Cadet men’s foil individual, 259 participants