On the first weekend of december foilists met in cabries

02.12.2018 0:00

Cadet foilists met traditionally in Cabries (FRA) with expected participation of the strongest teams from USA, FRA, ITA and many others. Edition 2018 was honoured by 185 fencers from 23 countries in individual competition of women´s foil and 221 (!) fencers from 24 countries in men´s foil. In teams events some 33 teams took part in women´s and 44 teams in men´s foil competitions. Medalls were in general distributed between fencers from USA and Russia, followed up by ITA. The big winner of tournament was eventually USA leaving Cabries with 3 golds against one gold medal (men´s foil individual) for RUS delegation. Medallists in women´s foil individual: A. Hao (USA), followed by B. Pantanetti (ITA) and two third S.A. Martos (USA) and L. Tortelotti (ITA). In teams USA took first, ITA second and FRA third place. Then in men´s foil individual the winner D. Osipov came from RUS, followed by Z. Kozlov (RUS) and two third D. Di Veroli (ITA) and B. Louie (USA); in teams gained USA gold, ITA 1 silver and ITA 3 bronze medal.