22.06.2019 0:00


Passivity plays its part in a thrilling final


Today, Poland came from behind to beat Russia to the 2019 women’s team epee European title, on the last day of the Championships in Dusseldorf.  Italy beat France in the bronze medal play-off.

Having won the first World Cup event at the start of Olympic qualification, Poland came into the event as the top seeded European team and full of confidence.  There was no doubt that their semi-final with France was going to be a tough one but they came through it 45-37.  In the other half of the draw, Russia and Italy made it to the top four in a match that was decided in a priority minute.  Russia advanced to the final 36-35.

Italy pulled away from France in the fourth leg of their bronze medal match and never looked back, taking it 45-38.  The final was a tight affair between Russia and Poland.  Shutova came on to start for Russia and received a passivity penalty before levelling at 2-2.  Passsivity was also called in the second match but this time it was Piekarska of Poland who received the penalty.  With the scores level in the third, both teams were penalised again.  A second “P-red” card was then given to both teams but Russia were able to get into the lead, putting all the pressure on Poland to score a hit.  Any further penalty would have resulted in the match ending in defeat for Poland.  A remarkable final few leg saw Poland to level the score on time, forcing a priority minute.  Russia got the priority but Trzebinska struck to take Poland to a dramatic 27-26 win and the European title.

That ended the Championships in Dusseldorf and congratulations go to the German Fencing Federation and their team for an excellent tournament.  The World Championships will be the last event of the season in Budapest, Hungary.