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Results of Cadet Circuit in Budapest and U14 Circuit in Timisoara

14.11.2023 18:35


Last weekend was indeed a thrilling one for fencing enthusiasts, with several important competitions taking place for Olympic qualification. However, it is equally important to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional performances of the young athletes in the U17 and U14 categories. 

The Cadet Circuit in Budapest showcased some impressive talent in the men's and women's foil categories. In the men's foil event, Elia Pasin from Italy emerged victorious, displaying his prowess and skill. Aron Bodor from Hungary secured the second position, while Thibault Gaven Mary from France and Emauele Iaquinta from Italy shared the third spot.

The women's foil competition was equally exhilarating, with Ludovica Franzoni from Italy clinching the top position. Natasza Kus from Poland claimed the second spot, followed by Mariavittoria Berretta from Italy and Sara Air Hossny from Egypt, who tied for third place.

Moving on to the team events, France displayed their dominance in the men's foil team category, securing the first-place position. Italy took home both the second and third spots.

In the women's foil team event, Poland emerged as the champions. Hungary secured the second-place position, while Ukraine finished in third place.

The U14 Circuit in Timisoara provided a platform for young and promising fencers to showcase their skills. In the men's foil category, Filip Efros from Romania stood out, claiming the first-place position. Dominik Juras from Lithuania secured the second spot, while Matei Lita from Romania and Kuzey Aydemir from Turkey finished in third and fourth place, respectively.

In the women's foil event, Alexandra Nicula from Romania emerged as the victor, displaying her talent and determination. Ingrid Matei and Antonia Stanescu, also from Romania, claimed the second and fourth positions, respectively. Dalma Spissak from Hungary secured the third spot on the podium.