The first world champions from Budapest

18.07.2019 0:00
World Championships

The first two individual events finished at the World Fencing Championship in Budapest, closing men's saber and women's epee competitions.

Women's epee ended with an exciting final for a new titleholder Moellhausen Nathalie representing Brasil, that defeated Lin Sheng from China by a single point difference 13:12. Lin faced Kryvytska Olena (UKR) in the semifinal with another tight match 15:14.

Oh Sanguk (KOR) claimed the title in men's saber after defeating Szatmari Andras (HUN) in the final 15:12 and Curatoli Luca (ITA) in the semifinal 15:11. Szatmari fenced against Abedini Mojtaba (IRI) in the second semifinal.


Tomorrow, men's epee and women's foil individual competitions will be fenced.


Detailed results