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The presentation of the "Solidarity Programme” in Paris

15.01.2023 0:00


President Giorgio Scarso: "Now it is up to the "System" of the Confederation to follow up on what was presented with the "Solidarity Programme"

The presentation ceremony of 14 January in Paris was very successful among those present, confirming the change of direction of the European Confederation

The presentation of the "Solidarity Programme” was a success, as evidenced by the presence of authoritative personalities from both the sporting and political worlds. In the reserved room inside the Stade de Coubertin, the 6 Presidents of the Founding Federations of the initiative were present, Mr. Zsolt Ksampa and the Secretary General Henriette Tamas of the Hungarian Federation, Mr. Otto Drakenberg of the Swedish Federation, Mr. Jose Luis Abajo of the Spanish Federation, Mrs. Hilary Philbin of the British  Fencing, Mr.Paolo Azzi and the Vice Presidents Vincenzo de Bartolomeo and Maurizio Randazzo of the Italian Federation and Bruno Gares and the General Director Sylvie Le Maux. of the French Federation.

In addition to the diplomats Emanuela D'Alessandro, Ambassador of Italy to France, Greg Mulheir representing the British Ambassador to France, the event was also attended by the Presidents of the Hungarian and French Olympic Committees, Mr. Zsolt Gyulay, and Mrs. Henriette Henriques. Unfortunately, the President of the Italian Olympic Committee Giovanni Malagò could not attend due to a bereavement despite having confirmed his presence. The contents of the project have also aroused strong interest at the government level, leading the Italian Minister of Sport and Youth Policies Andrea Abodi, to travel specifically to Paris to participate in the presentation.

The event was an opportunity to gather the fencing personalities present in the building, from the French representatives to the President of the FENI Committee Gian Domenico Varallo and other exponents of the fencing world. The EFC Vice-President Etienne Van Cann read the message from FIE President Emanuel Katsiadakis. The ceremony, moderated by Pascal Tesch, opened with a welcome from the French President Bruno Gares, who said he was honoured to welcome this moment, to then pass the word to the President of the French Olympic Committee, who stressed France's desire to be part of the initiative. The President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee also intervened, highlighting the Hungarian sports world and the good qualities of the project. To expose the "Solidarity Programme" was the President of the EFC Giorgio Scarso, who first thanked all the participants and then illustrated the aims and objectives of the project, highlighting the availability of the Federations that have joined it. Andrea Abodi, Minister of Sport in Italy, concluded the speeches and underlined the very high technical, and social value and the great perspective of the plan, underlining the uncommon ability of the managers who have embraced the initiative. Subsequently, the commitments of the Federations were signed, with the countersignature of President Scarso.

The presentation ended with an exchange of views between the various personalities present, each expressing appreciation for the initiative.
"I am convinced that the innovative project will not be the panacea to all the problems of European fencing - says President Scarso – but it represents an innovative message of great sports culture that finds in the availability of the various Federations, which have joined the project, a message of collaboration that sees the world of European fencing as a context in which the values of solidarity are not lacking. Now it is up to the "System" of the Confederation to follow up on what was presented in the perspective of the spirit of collaboration that on Saturday 14 January was solemnly sealed ".