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U23 Mediterranean Fencing Cup: Young Talents Battle for the Medals

23.10.2023 19:48


The U23 Mediterranean Fencing Cup took place at the PalaPentassuglia in Brindisi from 20th to 22nd October, attracting talented young fencers from around the Mediterranean region.

This event holds significant importance in the international fencing movement as it helps the talents that have recently transitioned from the youth circuit to compete among the seniors, making this transition smoother. The U23 Mediterranean Fencing Cup successfully provided a platform for these emerging stars to showcase their abilities and lay the groundwork for future success in the sport.

During the opening ceremony, Giorgio Scarso, President of the European Fencing Confederation (EFC), extended greetings on behalf of the confederation to all the participants. He also highlighted the role of EFC-affiliated federations as testing grounds for new initiatives, like the U23 Mediterranean Cup.

On the occasion of the Tournament in Brindisi, the Mediterranean Confederation meeting was held on  October 21st. to discuss important matters concerning the confederation's activities. President Scarso highlighted the importance of co-ordinating the competitive season calendar to prevent any overlaps.

It is notable that aside from the traditional participating federations, North Macedonia and Albania also participated in the event, adding to the diversity of the competition. The success of this tournament can be attributed to the exceptional organization by the organizing committee. Their attention to detail and involvement of the local community, including schools and institutions, provided a memorable experience for participants and spectators alike. The organizing committee's efforts have not gone unnoticed, and Brindisi is expected to become a key reference point for future fencing events.



With 33 participants in the men's epee competition, Italian fencers dominated the podium. Filippo Armaleo emerged as the champion, defeating his compatriot Simone Mencarelli in a thrilling final with a score of 15-13. Fabrizio Di Marco and Dario Remondini secured the third-place spots.

In the women's epee category, Italian fencers also took control, with Emilia Rossatti clinching the gold medal after a final against Vittoria Siletti. Rossatti had a challenging match in the semifinal against Lucrezia Paulis, emerging victorious with a score of 9-7. Paulis and Sara Maria Kowalczyk secured the third-place positions.

In the men's foil competition, Leonardo Pieralisi showcased his exceptional skills and won the title. Pieralisi faced tough competition from Matteo Panazzolo in the final but managed to come out on top. Rain Adoul and Fernando Scalora secured the third-place spots, completing the all-Italian podium.

The women's foil event saw Irene Bertini emerge as the winner after facing numerous challenging opponents throughout the competition. In a dramatic final match, Bertini staged an impressive comeback to defeat Vittoria Ciampalini with a score of 15-14. Alice Gambitta and Alison Staino rounded off the podium, claiming the third-place finishes.

Marco Mastrullo clinched the gold medal in the men's sabre event after an outstanding performance throughout the tournament. Mastrullo defeated Leonardo Tocci in the final to claim the top spot, while Pietro Bertola and Yago Moran secured the third-place positions.

The women's sabre competition showcased the skills of Michela Landi, who emerged as the champion after a grueling final against Benedetta Fusetti with a score of 15-13. Francesca Burli and Gaia Pia Carella secured the third-place spots in this exciting event.


Interview with Paolo Pizzo: Honored to be a Testimonial for U23 Mediterranean Fencing Cup

In a recent interview, Paolo Pizzo, a two-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist, described his imprisonment to embrace the importance of responsibility of being a testimonial for  U23 Mediterranean Fencing Cup. 

According to Pizzo, the level of competition at the Cup, especially in the men's epee discipline, was remarkably high. He felt honored to play such a significant role among the athletes, who showed great respect by seeking his autographs, taking photos, and asking for advice. As a testimonial, Pizzo aimed to impart a valuable message to young athletes. He emphasized the importance of always giving their best, whether it be in a regional competition or at the Olympic Games. Pizzo believed that training would lose its purpose if athletes did not bring utmost determination and effort to the table.

He commended the organizers for their impressive opening ceremony, expressing that he had witnessed many such events in the past, but this one left a lasting impact. Held in the heart of Brindisi, with the backdrop of Romanian columns and a grand staircase, the ceremony was marked by its emotional and empathetic nature, resonating with both athletes and spectators alike.