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Urgent publication from EFC COMEX

21.09.2022 21:24


The EFC COMEX has taken notice of a "press release DUBAI 2022", sent on behalf of Mr. Logvin.

Through this press release the EFC COMEX has learnt that both Mr Jacek Slupski and Mr Nikolay Mateev were invited to and attended a conference in Dubai on 12 September.

The EFC COMEX finds it important to inform its member federations that both COMEX members participated in this conference without the COMEX’s approval and on their own initiative.

Although the EFC COMEX encourages and supports co-operation between fencing Confederations and FIE member federations in spirit, it is the prerogative of the FIE to actively manage this co-operation. The EFC COMEX does not see it as its responsibility to engage in a parallel organization next to and separate from the FIE.

On 1 October, the Extraordinary Congress for the election of President of the EFC will be held in Warsaw. The EFC COMEX stresses that the COMEX organizes fair elections, that it is of great importance to preserve neutrality and that the COMEX does not favour one Presidential candidate over another. EFC COMEX members are not and should not be publicly supporting individual candidates for presidency. Therefore, the impression given in the press release that the EFC COMEX supports the programme or campaign of Mr. Nikolay Mateev is a misrepresentation of facts: it has not been adopted by the EFC COMEX nor approved by it.

Also, the initiative of having discussions in Tashkent on 25 September is not being endorsed by the EFC COMEX.