12.09.2020 15:13


Member Federations Meet Online For First Time


Today, the European Fencing Confederation (EFC) held their first ever virtual Annual Congress with 41 member federations in attendance.


After voting to approve the online congress and the newly created voting methods the delegates were addressed by EFC President, Stanislav Pozdnyakov.


He began, “We are experiencing unprecedented challenges and have had to revise most of our plans.  But the situation gives us a fresh look at the core values like unity, fellowship, respect for each other and mutual support.”


“Of course, the situation is not the same everywhere in Europe and in the World.  That is why with due consideration of international travel restrictions and other related healthcare measures, we have decided to split the two ordinary and elective congresses in order to ensure the corresponding levels of safety and representation.”  The elective congress was due to be held this year in Sochi, Russia but has now been postponed until next year.


He finished his opening address in encouraging fashion.  “I wish you all productive joint work, constructive and substantial discussions but more than that, unity in decision making and further actions that will enable us to improve the situation locally and safeguard the brighter future of European Fencing.  Let us Stay Strong, Stay Healthy and be stronger than the adverse circumstances.”


General business was then conducted and voted upon in a wide-ranging discussion including the approval of both the Annual and Financial Reports.  There was also debate about the EFC’s pilot project to develop a new Under-14 circuit and ranking concluding in their own European Championships.  The global pandemic had put that pilot on hold but a report given by the EFC’s Sport Director, Julius Kralik, showed overwhelming support from the federations involved.


One of the last topics of discussion was the scheduling of the 2021 Senior, Under-23 and Cadet & Junior European Championships.  Secretary General, Jacek Slupski confirmed that “we cannot predict when these Championships can go ahead.  However, we will establish dates as soon as possible.”  He also confirmed that Serbia, the host Nation Federation of the 2021 Cadet and Junior European Championships, had decided to move the event from Belgrade to Novi Sad.


In other business it was confirmed that Switzerland has submitted their candidacy documents to host the 2023 Senior European Championships in Basel.


President Pozdnyakov closed proceedings by encouraging bids from other federations and thanking the FIE (international federation), the delegates and guests for their continued support.


“I hope this is the first and last virtual congress and I look forward to seeing you next year in Novi Sad and Sochi.  Stay Strong.  Stay Healthy.”