25.01.2021 16:37


The EFC’s virtual refereeing training series continued yesterday with the clear intention of raising the standards, quality and confidence of European referees aiming to pass their FIE exams.

Following the same format as before – with theoretical and practical elements – Project Manager and EFC Vice-President, Nikolay Mateev opened the session with a strong, positive message, “Remember, you are here to learn and we are here to help you improve your skills and your confidence. This is the next step in your preparation for taking and passing your FIE exams.”

The enthusiastic delegates were again joined by the FIE’s Secretary General, Emmanuel Katsiadakis, who was actively involved in the training. He said, “It is great to see you all so involved. It is also great for me to be involved. Making these calls is in my blood.”

The emphasis during the theory session moved to the trainees understanding that knowledge of the rules is a requirement. Mateev added, “You are expected, not only to know the technical rules but all of the rules.”

Training also advanced during the practical session where the delegates analysed footage of hits from international competitions.  Previously, the referee mentors, Vasil Milenchev and Vladislav Shamis, focused on helping the delegates come to the correct decisions.  Now attention moved to the more nuanced areas of being an official, such as use of the correct language, clarity of calls and even understanding athlete behaviours.

The seminars will continue over the coming weeks.