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Anti-dopingThe European Fencing Confederation stands, with the FIE, against all forms of doping to protect our sport and our athletes. For this reason, the anti-doping pages of the FIE website are the best guide to this topic for the European fencing community.


However, there are some resources that we would like to take this opportunity to highlight for you, and we particularly advise that English-speaking athletes, coaches, and support staff download the Clean Sport application on their personal mobile devices (Appears as 100% Me icon) for having up to date information to hand as easily and quickly as possible.

Education in Anti-Doping has now been made an International Standard by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and its key principle is that athlete’s first experience of anti-doping should be via education rather than doping control. As such, completion of online modules, face-to face seminars or virtual classes on anti-doping are to be strongly encouraged and are available in French, Spanish and English on WADA’s ADEL website, and the resources can be translated into other languages at the request of individual organisations.


Useful Apps

ADEL by WADA – Learning via app.

Clean Sport – Easy to access information on Prohibited list, Testing procedure, Rights and responsibilities and Rule Violations plus more. Please note: This app is run by UK Anti-doping and is unfortunately only in English at present, but the information applies to all the European Fencing community.


Useful Sites

The WADA Prohibited List

The WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations (This is the main, detailed rulebook and is available in other languages from landing page)

ADEL – (Education)

For Medication checking: (Global DRO sites)

      UK and Switzerland

      Other European Countries


For Supplement checking: (Please note that no supplement is WADA approved or 100% guaranteed to be free of prohibited substances)

      Informed Sport website (also available as an app)


EFC Medical Commission, June 2023